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Winter tyres and snow chains size guidance

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Hi all,

Hope you all stayed safe in the snow.

Just joined as the Mrs bought a 2017 xf 2.0d r sport AWD and in need of some advice as the manual not useful.

Not our first jag, had 3 xjrs in past, x308s, as love them to bits, but had to sell each due to impracticallities, just not a useful boot. Had an x type as well, but seats hurt my back so that didn't stay around for that long.

Anyhow, were off skiing soon and the Mrs wants to take her new motor, so need to get shopping for wheels/tyres/chains.

The car is on 19s presently, and the manual and several hours of searching tinterweb offer no solid assistance as to confirming what size wheels I can fit on the car, and what sizes can accept snow chains without smashing the hell out of the delicate bits.

Best I can gather is that chains are only suitable for 17s, but I'm under the impression that this particular motor can't take 17s, needs to be 18 minimum, perhaps brake clearance?

Can anyone offer any steer as to wheel size that will fit, and what sizes can use snow chains please?

Don't think we'll need the tyres or chains, but would rather be prepared and not done by the French police for not having suitable equipment nor being the one that can't get up the hill and causes chaos for everyone else.

Thanks in advance all.

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Well, I've some 18s to be on the safe side, in 245/45.

Anyone know if chains will fit safely, I.e. 9mm or 7mm chains, not looking at 15mm or anything.

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