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can anyone tell me whether all the accessory/power sockets are powered through the same fuse?

My 2012 3.0D has 3 power/cigarette lighter sockets. one in the front of the centre console next to the gear knob,; one in the centre armrest and one on the rear of the armrest for rear seat passengers.

The one at the front of the console has ceased to work, and I am trying to determine whether I have checked the correct fuses.  

My handbook suggests that auxiliary power sockets are fed from Fuse 28 in the footwell fuse box. This fuse appears fine.  There is also an entry for a cigarette lighter in the manual at Fuse 22 in the engine compartment Fuse box, This doesn't actually exist in my car, but the socket has been working, so this is obviously a red herring! 

I'm now wondering whether the socket itself is kaput!  Any advice gratefully received!!

Cheers  Ray



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Thanks Mark, I had read this elsewhere and thankfully that didn't end up being the problem. I found the offending fuse at 32 (not 22!!!) in the underbonnet box.

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