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Engine issue

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I heard a loud pop (bang even) then lots of hissing, thought it was someone else, but realised it was me when I had little power. A friend tells me it's a pump or pipe that has come away from the turbo. It still drives (albeit badly) but when I put my foot down there are clouds of black smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Coincidentally a warning light keeps flashing (glow plugs warning light), and all of this after a full service at kwik fit.

I have no idea about cars, but could somebody advise what they think is wrong and why, as although it might just be the car, I'm a bit cynical how all of this has happened a week after a service.


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First pipe i would check is the pipes from the egr valve. The large Black one that goes down to the intercooler is prone to coming off.

On mine I heard a hissing noise( like lorry air brakes) but mine was the silver pipe from the egr valve had blown off. 

Hope this points you in the right direction 

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