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ECU Re-Map - Expert Tuning

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Morning All,

I wanted to share my experience as others may find it useful.

I have been a proud driver of an XF Sportbrake since October and have been extremely happy since, that said, this is my first turbo diesel and I felt that the performance wasn't quite as good as it could be.

My key concern was a dead spot, when coasting up to a junction, then accelerating, there was a rather exaggerated dead spot before taking off like a rocket and the calm before the storm when overtaking other vehicles.

After some research and a great deal of milling it over I decided that these issues were fixable, although I was a little hesitant as I didn't really want to mess with my pride and joy but I found "Expert Tuning" in the discount section of the premium members so decided to forge ahead.

Paul was very amenable and I was soon booked in for the job, I rolled up to his lovely house to find both an XK and an XJ8 sitting on his drive, I soon established that these were indeed his and not customer cars, so know I was in good hands.

The job took about 2 hours with plenty of chit chat about Jags and other interesting things, a quick test drive after and off I went.

To be honest, at first I was a little underwhelmed with the changes, whilst there was more oomph the differences were marginal so I began to ponder whether it was worth the outlay, what I had forgotten is that on these modern Jags the system learns and adapts.

3 days later after a weekend on mental seesawing I got in the Jag to drive to work, oh my, whats going here then!

The Jag had transformed over night, like magical fairies had visited in the night.

I am a bit of an audiophile, so let me liken it to a good speaker, the low end is fuller and more immediate, the mid range is more detailed, powerful and refined and the top end is lively without being overly harsh.

I can't say that the dead spots have vanished, that's probably impossible but they are much smaller and on the other side of the spot the power delivery is much more progressive.

The Jag pulls stronger and smoother through the entire range and I often don't realize just how much speed I have picked up in a short time.

Add onto this that it moves through the gears at a lower rev count than previous whilst at the same time pushing forward confidently.

So, in summary, I am extremely happy with the changes, economy, BHP & torque all significantly improved providing a more confident, comfortable diving experience.


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