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  1. Dom13


    Only when the ignition is on, I use mine for my dashcam, a couple of minutes after I turn the engine off the dashcam will go off. Dom
  2. Update* So I took it into the dealers, it turned out it was the wiring loom but not at the boot, it was the loom in the front bumper, it had moved and then proceeded to rub through a couple of wires. All fixed now, they did try to blame it on a pheasant strike (there were still feathers inside my grill lol) but I told them the strike was long after the camera issue started. I went the last 5 weeks without a reversing camera at all, now I find myself forgetting to look at the screen and just using the mirrors lol. Anyway, all sorted on warranty, so no cost to me. Dom
  3. Hi Ian, I just had my Sportbrake at the dealers for a faulty wiring loom, meaning the sensors and rear camera were out, all fixed now but the loan car they gave me was a 2018 Sporbrake R Sport. I can honestly say that our version is nicer, I'm not saying it wasn't nice but it just wasn't as nice as mine, our version feels more refined, I think when it comes time to trade in I will go for an XJ or I-Pace. Which model do you have? Mine is Portfolio spec, in Saphire Black and I had it re-mapped so now 250bhp, 2.2ltr. Enjoy. Dom
  4. Hi Ian, No, unlike the front washers, the screen wash comes from a nozzle under the roof spoiler, not from the wiper arm. Dom
  5. Morning All, I have been having an intermittent issue with my camera and sensors, however, for the last 3 days it has been permanent. I get the dreaded "Cameras Unavailable, please contact the dealer", it first happened over Xmas, intermittently for a couple of days, then it was fine for a few weeks, then not, then fine, when this happens not only is there no reversing camera but all the sensors don't work, front and back. I contacted the dealership and have it booked in for Mid March, this was the earliest slot where they have a loaner available while it's being checked. From my googling, this fault, whilst not the most common it isn't uncommon either. I will update again after I get it back in mid March. Thanks, Dom
  6. Sorry John, Brain f*rt, indeed I meant E&E. Dom
  7. Hi Tim, Me again, I should add, I have the 2.2 200BHP, I have done about 30'000 miles since Nov 2017 when i got it and never had any DPF issues at all. I use Shell V-Power and every 3 fills or so I add a bottle of Wynn's Gold treatment to the tank. Prevention is better than a cure and the cost of using a premium fuel and 2 bottles of snake oil a month is minimal when looking at refurbing or replacing a DPF. Dom
  8. Thanks Tim, I will bear him in mind for emergencies, I just had my B service at M&K in Sep, it was £257 (if I remember correctly) all in. M&K are Jag specialists and use all genuine Jag parts, they are good guys and really know what they are doing, they seem to get really good reports on here and other Jag forums. I prefer them to the dealership as at a dealership there is only 1 master technician and a few apprentices and the vast majority of the work isn't done by the master, M&K have at least a couple of highly qualified, ex Jag dealership guys, that incidentally also have BMW qualifications (I saw the certs on the wall). I much prefer to have enthusiastic specialist look after my cat. If you don't mind the drive I can personally highly recommend them, they don't do unnecessary things but do check everything, after my service they advised me that the bushes on my front suspension banana arms were wearing out and explained that they could tell by slightly more wear on the insides of my front tyres, when I get round to it it will be £250 and 4 hrs work, they also provide a courtesy car (x-type) if you give them enough notice, they didn't pressure me to do it and just advised me to keep an eye on it. My brake pads were also getting thin, again they didn't pressure me to change them, I ran them until almost finished then bought some Brembo pads and got John at Dorking Tyres to fit them for me, nice guy, also a Jag enthusiast, has Jags himself and is currently restoring an E-Type, he only charges £10 a corner to change tyres. Give M&K a call and see what they say about your situation. Good luck and I will keep my eye out for a flashing cat. Dom
  9. Hi Tim, Thanks for the thorough follow up and update, however, I am particularly interested to know who this Jag specialist is in Leatherhead, I live in Dorking and currently travel all the way up to Milton Keynes due to the reputation of M&K there. How good is the place in Leatherhead and who are they? Thanks in advance, Dom P.S Feel free to flash me if you see me around, I am in a 62 plate XF Sportbrake in Saphire Black (it looks black until the sun shines on it) with black wheels
  10. Thanks again Trevor, A little googling and I found these, should be a better fit I reckon; Dom
  11. Hi Trevor, Do you have a link to such a thing? It isn't just at the front of the window, it pours in along the entire window opening. Thanks, Dom
  12. Hi All, I am not sure if this problem is just on my cat or widespread as I haven't seen any mention of it. I have a sportbrake and am a vaper, when I vape I always open the window. My issue is that if there is water on the roof or a bit more than a drizzle hitting the windscreen I seem to get water pouring in through the window, either from the wipers pushing it to the side or if on top of the cat then when I corner it pours in. 2 Questions; Am I alone in this? Is there a fix? Thanks, Dom
  13. Hi Ian, Yes, it is carpeted although I don't remember off hand what colour the handle is, it's not for anything in particular, just an extra storage space for something relatively small, perhaps a small first aid kit or something. Best wishes, Dom
  14. Morning All, I wanted to share my experience as others may find it useful. I have been a proud driver of an XF Sportbrake since October and have been extremely happy since, that said, this is my first turbo diesel and I felt that the performance wasn't quite as good as it could be. My key concern was a dead spot, when coasting up to a junction, then accelerating, there was a rather exaggerated dead spot before taking off like a rocket and the calm before the storm when overtaking other vehicles. After some research and a great deal of milling it over I decided that these issues were fixable, although I was a little hesitant as I didn't really want to mess with my pride and joy but I found "Expert Tuning" in the discount section of the premium members so decided to forge ahead. Paul was very amenable and I was soon booked in for the job, I rolled up to his lovely house to find both an XK and an XJ8 sitting on his drive, I soon established that these were indeed his and not customer cars, so know I was in good hands. The job took about 2 hours with plenty of chit chat about Jags and other interesting things, a quick test drive after and off I went. To be honest, at first I was a little underwhelmed with the changes, whilst there was more oomph the differences were marginal so I began to ponder whether it was worth the outlay, what I had forgotten is that on these modern Jags the system learns and adapts. 3 days later after a weekend on mental seesawing I got in the Jag to drive to work, oh my, whats going here then! The Jag had transformed over night, like magical fairies had visited in the night. I am a bit of an audiophile, so let me liken it to a good speaker, the low end is fuller and more immediate, the mid range is more detailed, powerful and refined and the top end is lively without being overly harsh. I can't say that the dead spots have vanished, that's probably impossible but they are much smaller and on the other side of the spot the power delivery is much more progressive. The Jag pulls stronger and smoother through the entire range and I often don't realize just how much speed I have picked up in a short time. Add onto this that it moves through the gears at a lower rev count than previous whilst at the same time pushing forward confidently. So, in summary, I am extremely happy with the changes, economy, BHP & torque all significantly improved providing a more confident, comfortable diving experience. Dom