New to Jaguar! Rumble at 60mph

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Hi! I have just bought a Jaguar XF 3.0 diesel a few days ago! 


I have not had much chance to take it for long drives! 


Yesterday I was on the motorway going constant 60mph 


I then wanted to accelerate and pass a lorry! From 60 mph to 70 I can hear a rumble like a motorbike engine! 

The car sounds like a v8 when I accelerate from 60 to 65-70 and then it goes away! 

I tried accelerating harder, then tried going easy from 60 to 70 but the sound is there no matter what! 

I can accelerate as hard as i want from a stop and I don't get that rumble or at any other speed.. 


please help as I know nothing about Jaguars...

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