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Mk1 Boot seal

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Earlier this year, I ordered a boot seal for my Jaguar Mk1 3.4 from a reputable source. I was advised that I would need two and in spite of them being a different profile from the rounder and presumably original one piece seal that I removed, I was assured by you that those received would do the job.

These seals weren’t easy to fit, particularly the top corners where they have to be manoeuvred around the boot hinges when they are coated with contact adhesive. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the cosmetics of my initial attempt to fit the seals but, more to the point, water was still getting into the boot. Subsequently, I removed the seals, laboriously cleaned off the adhesive residue and tried again. With patience and a different adhesive I managed to refit the seals much better with as even a gap as possible within the boot lid surround and good adhesion. However, the boot is still not watertight and, if anything, it’s worse than it’s ever been, even with the old hardened seal. On further investigation, there is no proper contact between rubber seal and the outer surface of the boot lid when it is closed. I am reluctant to disturb the location of the boot lid at the hinges since, from the outside, it doesn’t look proud of the surrounding bodywork. Even if there were adjustment at the hinges to compress the seal more on closure, which doesn’t seem apparent, it seems likely that this would result in a poor fitting of the boot lid due to it sinking below the surrounding bodywork. I have checked similar Jaguars and these are fitted with a rounder profile boot seal, much like the one I removed initially. The owners of these cars report that their boots are dry. I attach a photo of the fitted seals along with an of-cut showing their profile. I suspect that this may be a pattern part issue.

Have any other members experienced a similar problem and found a way of making such seals work properly/ Alternativly does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can obtain a seal or seals similar to original equipment?


Jaguar MK1 boot.jpg

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