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  I'm Richard, a new member seeking advice on which type of petrol engined Jaguar to buy for an ownership of at least 6 years covering c5000 miles per year (longer trips, no daily commuting) and from a budget of c£15K.  Research indicates that this encompasses the X358, both incarnations of the XF and the early versions of the current XJ, but which one?  

  I guess this is a matter of personal preference  (instinct favours the X358) and I have yet to drive any of them but I have some questions on which I should welcome advice, specifically?

- how safe is the X358?  I can find no crash test reports.

- how serious and common is the steel rivet / aluminium panel issue with the X358?

- what are the relative reliability issues?

- doe anyone know of any good Jaguar experts in the Herefordshire area?

   All opinions on the above and advice on selection will be really welcome.   Many thanks,









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Hi Richard...welcome to the Club

It seems like your buying criteria is a well-balanced one and I would also consider it as the majority of the Jaguar owners criteria also.

I think for the question of build quality, I would see if you could get onto the Jaguar Factory tour in Leamington where you see the XF and XJ being built and really gives you an insight into the high-quality build standards these models are produced.

Let us know what model you decide on 

Cheers,  Trevor

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