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Corroded rear beam bar

James Thompson

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Hi, my father has a 2011 XJ, owned from new FSH. A couple of months ago the rear exhaust mount dropped off his car. The exhaust mounting bracket is steel and the beam bar is aluminium. I believe this is the cause of the problem, steel and aluminium when together cause a reaction and basically the aluminium has rotted away. Jaguar uk are not remotely interested and just keep telling me it’s out of warranty which I appreciate but for me it’s the principle of what they’ve done and are not prepared to do!!! Has anyone experienced similar?? Regards 

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Hi James,

I had exactly the same problem with my first S Type which I bought new in 2001, the problem manifested about six/seven years after and at around 80,000 miles. Sadly the only available remedy at the time was to replace the aluminium cross member as the original was too far gone to save.

Placing steel and aluminium in direct contact was one of the dumbest engineering decisions made during the design and construction of Jaguars, and others, but my remonstrations with the dealer and Jaguar themselves came to nothing. Sadly, the only recourse that may be open would be through the courts, but frankly, even if you can find the original sale agreement, you would likely find wording that precludes such action.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the odds, as always, are stacked in favour of the supplier.



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Hi Steve, thanks for your reply, it’s more or less what I’ve been told, as I’ve said to other people, I’m a builder and I’d never surround a copper pipe with cement because I know the consequences, so why would a massive company like jaguar choose to ignore this issue. As long as it sees the warranty out they aren’t bothered!!

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Hello again James, happy to help when I can but sorry that on this occasion I bore bad news. In the dim and distant I was an engineer and know that many all of the true engineers in Jaguar would have been banging their heads against the nearest wall and would be ashamed by such thoughtless actions. I can guarantee you that when these cars were still on the drawing board, and perhaps when they went through prototype build, there would have been an appropriate insulator between the steel and aluminium components. Sadly this is when the Cost Accountants get involved in the process, the beans start to be counted - and simple measures that may prolong the vehicles life well beyond the warranty but cost a few pennies that they think would look better on the bottom line are soon dumped - Ford at the time, go figure. 

I frequently wonder why the leadership of such organisations do not understand that genuinely 'Up Market / High Quality Brands' should be protected from the thoughtless decisions of the bean counters -' talk about spoiling the ship for hapeth of tar"!:boat:

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