XF Sportbrake - Unwanted Accessories

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I purchased a new XF Sportbrake (2012-2015 series) back in 2014. I ordered it with several factory accessories for carrying bikes, dog and luggage. I only kept it a couple of years and the chap who bought the car was an Undertaker. He wanted to use it as a hearse - it was in great condition. So he wasn't interested in taking all of the accessories. I have kept them in my garage thinking I may buy another XF but, alas, it is not to be. I am happy to sell the accessories individually or, if someone wants the lot, I am open to a quick deal. Buyer would have to collect or pay for delivery. I can package up and ship if necessary. Basically, there are 3 accessories. 1. Luggage compartment retention kit (also fits F-Pace), 2. Roof cross bars, 3. Luggage divider (or dog guard). The luggage divider is missing the small floor mounting plates as we forgot to remove them - but should be available from Jaguar . Please see photos for details. All offers considered but would be happy to sell the lot for £250.


IMG_0464 (1).jpg

IMG_0463 (1).jpg

IMG_2122 (1).jpg


IMG_2119 (1).jpg

IMG_2120 (1).jpg

IMG_2116 (1).jpg



IMG_0467 (1).jpg

IMG_0466 (1).jpg

IMG_0465 (1).jpg

IMG_2123 (1).jpg



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Hi there, are the roof bars still for sale? Would you consider selling separately ? Thanks 

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