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rough idle then cut out and will not start


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hi. Strange thing happened the other day. Accelerated away from the lights moved about 50 feet then came to a stop behind the que of traffic,still in first gear with clutch dipped,engine started to idle roughly then cut out altogether. Would not start after numerous attempts, it was showing symptoms of fuel starvation. RAC called and after much spraying of various liquids to no avail he plugged in his laptop only for NO FALTS to appear on the screen. So a tow home and here I am still trying to figure out whats wrong. RAC man did say it could be the EGR ,but no fault code? Anyone got any thoughts on this Work done so far. New fuel filter. (no difference.).





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Just removed the EGR valve.a bit of gunge but not excesive. Should the valve be open when engine is cold?as this one is definitely open,also due to no vacuum pipe I assume it is electricaly powered.

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