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Adaptive Speed limiter

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Hello to my Jag fellows,

I am happy and proud owner of my XF Sportbrake R-Sport 2.0 D (180bhp) beauty. I had gone through the handbook a number of times. Found a lot of not obvious info (for eg. autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) works only up to 50 mph, so the salesman was right advising me not to test that) however I can't figured out why do I need to activate Adaptive Speed Limiter every time I jump in the car? If I activate that option by holding C button on my steering wheel panel or activate through settings, it remains active even after engine switched off. However after leaving the car and fully locking, when unlock and start the engine, the adaptive speed limiter is not active. I am quite annoying with the fact I have to activate that every time. Is that standard or maybe issue just with my car?

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