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XJ L X351 2011 Advice needed please


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Hi all, 

Although I have very good mechanical knowledge, I am new to owning a Jaguar. I have to say the XJ is truly stunning! What a car. But, I have a couple of issues.When the engine is running, from the sort of centre to the left of the car while sat inside with the engine running, you can hear what I can only describe as a sort of noise the increases and decreases with the rpm. Its like a fan that's rubbing, so as it spins you get a noise. Or like an exhaust manifold with a tiny leak. It's hard to describe, but it's a noise that I consider shouldn't be there. But is's there, and it's not a fan as the speed of the noise increases and decreases with the revs. Any ideas?

The other thing is the rear sunroof sun blind thing wont fully close, it stays about 1cm open? Should it be like this or should it fully close? 

Hoping someone may have experience with this.

Thanks to all in advance.


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