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Help please

Jim Elston

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Following the "redesign" of my drivers door by a helpful Asda delivery vehicle...I finally got the insurance to go ahead, as they wanted to write it off...I am 95% pleased with the repair, the metal had stretched and they had to try and lose the stretch, but it was the best that could be done without writing the car off...However, and this is where I need help, the illumination for the electric window switches is not working on both front doors, (Haven't checked the rears) and the red warning/puddle lamp is not working on the drivers door. (It is on the front passenger door) I assume that they are covered by a fuse and it is a fuse that has blown when they took the door card off. I cannot work out from the handbook which fuse this might be, does anyone know? If it is just hugely coincidental that the bulbs have blown does anyone know how to replace them  - switches and the red light? 

Other than that there is still a leak in the air con and the ambient temp sensor needs replacing and when I start off in the morning I think the clock spring is rattling, but it clears up after a while...One day I will get the old girl finished!!! In the meantime I would be grateful for any help.

It's a 3.0 pre facelift 2001 model.




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