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XF heated and cooled seats not working


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Hi All, 


Im new to this forum thing so please bear with me - 2013 portfolio s with heated seats suddenly not working - took it in to the main dealer here in Milton Keynes and they tell me that they need to replace all the heated seat elements, circa £2400 ... i left crying, then when it was hot today i tried the cooling function on the seats and thats not working either - so how can that be elements?! - then i found an earlier post on here from someone with the same who said that his dealership identified it as a burnt out pin - im hoping either he reads this or someone else does that can tell me where to tell the dealership to find this pin!! - hope i hear back from someone :)

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Heated and cooled seats dont use an element, they use a special unit which depending on the voltage polarity either blows out hot or cold air.  You will have 2 in your seat, one underneath and one in the back.  It uses a Peltier circuit.   There isnt any element......I'd check obvious things like fuses first and then pull the plastic back off the seat to have a look behind it as you can see one of the units there.

Are both seats affected or just one of them?  The units have little fans that run in them which you can hear if you listen carefully

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