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    Horn not working
    Hi all, i am new tot his forum so sorry if thisn is posted in the wrong section. I have an 08 plate XF and i noticed the horn isnt working so today i thought id take a look at the fuse and see if that had blown. So i removed the fuse for the horn and swapped it with another fuse that was in the fuse box and the horn worked so i assume the one had originally blown so i moved the fuse back to where i got it from and i replaced the horn fuse with a brand new fuse however it doesn't work still and i hear a small clicking noise when i press the horn now with the new fuse in does anyone have any ideas? i cant get the horn to work at all now even if i use the old fuse a new one or swap it with another 15a one in the fuse box nothing seems to work now. any help i would greatly appreciate

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