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Jaguar XF Engine Issues


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Hi all,

Just looking for some advice but quick intro first.

I have a Jaguar XF 3.0s, in black, and have owned it for around 3 years and love it to bits. I have it serviced each year and MOT always passes with flying colors. I use it more as a family car (I have two 2 kids), and I don’t tend to really full throttle it, more steady driving with some power if I need it. I have always wanted a Jaguar XF so again took the plunge few years.

Now to my issues, 2 weeks ago I was driving on a dual carriage in derby (I am from Derby) and I lost all power to the car, concerned with two kids in the back, I pulled over and sorted the kids out first. I then started to investigate the issues and noticed black soot on the exhausts (I have a quad exhausts, been installed around 2.5 years ago) and engine was quite hot. At the time no warning lights appeared on my dashboard.  Whilst broken down the car actually started perfectly fine each time but when some pressure on the accelerator was applied the car cut out (limp mode I believe it is called).

I had the car towed to a garage I use, and at first we thought it was the wrong fuel in the car (wife mentioned she may have put unleaded in instead of diesel), but it wasn’t that. Then we noticed that the Right Manifold (when facing the car) was spitting what looked like oil and around the Manifold it was quite black – we could also see when you put the foot on the accelerator the Manifold was actually hissing our air and slight bit spitting. Ok great, seems like the Manifold is cracked and so that was replaced last week, but the car STILL has the same issue.

Now I have been told the Right Turbo is broken and thats what caused the impact to the Manifold. I spoke to mechanic at the garage and asked for the any engine codes and discussed various common XF Turbo issues such as Actuator, Poppet Values, EGR values, etc but the mechanic said that the computer on board is not throwing any codes so it's a mechanical issue. I did question this as if the Turbo is not functioning correctly surely the computer would throw a error code… but I’m no mechanic.

So the mechanic also mentioned one of the air tubes feeding into the engine is very soft, and when the car is started that air intake tube should go rock solid which points to a turbo issue.

No the car is going off for a second opinion at place called Elite Jaguar Specialists, again in Derby. I am hoping that the issue isn’t as serious as replacing the Turbos and removing the engine and its still a smaller issue but my expectations of this isn’t so high.

Has anyone had experience in this field or has any advice to question with the mechanic.


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