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Rich Askew

ZF 8HP Gearbox.

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Hi all,

My Jaguar is relatively new to me, bought in late June. It now has 90k miles on the clock and a full Jaguar Service History. The only thing I have no record of is any servicing to the automatic gearbox - the 8 speed ZF.

I know that the documentation mentions that it's a 'lifetime' sealed unit but the lifetime of my car might well be until the gearbox fails and it's too expensive to replace. Has anyone had any experience of how long these gearboxes last and / or what the servicing costs might be?

ZF on their website / You Tube channel recommend changing the oil (at least) but it doesn't seem to be part of Jaguar's planned maintenance. I believe that the change needs a new sump / filter assembly which is somehing I'm quite happy to pay for but some advice from any of you with experience would be great.

The gearbox itself seems fine so far, changes are smooth and barely noticeable. It's just my thinking from many years of performance maintaining (not on Jaguars or cars) that preventative maintenance is better, and often less expensive, than a rebuild or replacement after a failure!

Best regards,


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Hi Rich,

I just had my gearbox oil changed at 68K, it is recommended to do this at the 65-100K mark, mine didn't really need it either, it was more of a preventative measure.

I actually called and spoke with a ZF engineer as some people were suggesting it was best to flush and replace the oil but the ZF engineer said they don't advise to flush as this can loosen some debris and cause problems, it's best just to drain and replace the oil but he did say it is important to change the oil and not sealed for life.

I had mine done by E&E in Milton Keynes, if I remember correctly it was about £450.

Hope this helps,


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