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Restricted performance issues, data read out


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Looking for a little guidance or advice here, been having issue's with my Moms JagXF 2.7D 2009, last year had the high preassure fuel pump replaced, was told it disintegrated, issues were restricted performance, DSC coming on the display, and DPF filter alert regular.

One day car wouldn't start, this is when it went in, diagnosed with high preassure pump, and was subsequently replaced, had car back and seemed to run fine for a few months.

So we had the new pump on as explained above, DPF light still coming on, then it stayed on red, so had the DPF filter replaced,

So that brings us to now and the following issue's

1) DPF light still coming on after two or three weeks of driving, reset it with a long drive, but will come back on again

2) DSC light coming on and triggering restricted performance mode and car slows right down, this seems to happen mostly as I put my foot down to accellerate hard, driving "miss Daisy" style DSC and restricted performance sometimes wont come on, but as soon as I floor it, both errors return.

Took it to have a diagnostic and it has come up with the folloring faults in the attachments (there were a few other faults not related to the running of the car so not included them).

So my question is, any ideas what could be causeing the fault, any suggestions how to go about fixing the fault

I have been told there may be an issue with injectors (if I replaced I am assuming I need to reprogram and balance cylinders .. is there any freely available software that I can use (I use forscan when needed on my Transit, so is there something similar for a Jag)

I used to be a mechanic back in the 80's, cars moved on a bit since then, but I am still pretty handy, replaced the injectors in my transit last year and was able to reprogram because I had forscan software to do that.

Trying to keep this cheap for my Mom, well as cheap as possible.

Jus to add MPG is around 25MPG driving carefully, goes down if driving in a usual way (unless restricted performance kicks in) .. what MPG should I be looking at approx ?

Thanks in advance



Jag 1.jpg

Jag 2.jpg

Jag 3.jpg

Jag 4.jpg

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Just been looking at some of the error codes, and the TCM error code U0401-68 seems to give the sysmtoms that we are experienceing, DSC light on, limp mode etc.

Was also wondering if the faults in the Power Control Module are historic faults, and when the garage replaced the high preassure fuel pump they didnt clear the codes ... just a thought, but I image they would have cleared the codes though ?????

So potentially should be looking at the U0401-68 fault first .. any thoughts ?

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