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Problems with new x type


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So i picked up my second Jaguar x type yesterday, its a 3.0 v6 manual with 99k on the clock. Pretty immaculate and has a comprehensive service history. The engine and gearbox are sweet as a nut, but i have unfortunately uncovered a slight issue which im hoping someone can shed some light on.

The car drives fine normally but lower down the revs until you hit around 3500-4000rpm there seems to be no power and also a hesitation/judder when foot is fully pressed on the accelerator at around 2000-2500rpm. I plugged it into the code reader and quite a few codes came up. They all related to CAN error circuit shorted or malfunction and one that said bank 1 o2 sensor fault. I have a new sensor ordered and have read that sometimes a failing sensor can cause all these other issues, would i be right thinking once i replace the sensor everything will be fine? 

Up to yet ive checked the battery and all connections for corrosion which are okay, and have also checked all the fuses and majority of the sensors in the engine bay and cleaned them, but the problem remains. If anyone has any advice please let me know! Thanks in advance!

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