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Bonnet Open Sensor


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Greetings from new member, old time lurker.  I have searched and found no love..:) Well nothing as it relates to the Open Bonnet sensor.  While chasing squirrel nesting debris under my bonnet with a vacuum I somehow dislodged and broke this sensor.  I have new one on order, but it is not clear exactly where or how it clips to latch assembly.  Does anyone have a photo or description of this?

Thanks to all, Olmoose

2007 Jaguar XK Convertible 

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Wow, 42 views and not a single response.  Nothing I can find on other sites or search engines either.  Maybe this is truly one of life's greater mysteries.  After I secure the replacement part and figure out the mounting point, I will try and post my findings:)   

Thanks again, Olmoose

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