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Hi all,


I’m the owner of a 2010 XF luxury (3.0d) in black, that I picked up in the summer this year. To be honest I didn’t intend to get a Jaguar, or a new (well, new to me) car at all. It’s a long story but I was looking after it for a friend, circumstances changed and I was offered the car at a price too cheep to pass on, and here we are. 

the car has covered 110k miles, I have it booked in at the Jaguar specialist in Doncaster at the end of the month for the timing belts to be done, and it’s also booked in for a remap with Tony Dalton (the Facebook groups tell me he’s the man to go) a few days later. With this in mind the total I will have invested in the car after the work has been done will be a little over £2k, which I don’t think is too bad to say it’s got full service history. 

The previous owner had the callipers painted red, and the wheels powder coated black (I’ll upload some pictures over the next couple of days), which I don’t know if I’m a fan of, so the callipers may be getting repainted, and I’m going to be looking for a new set of wheels for next summer. 

The whole ‘Jag scene’ is new to me, so my plans for the car are pretty basic at the moment. I’ll be getting a full service along side the gearbox being serviced in the new year, I want to de-chrome the trim around the windows along side rear window tints. I love the look of the XFR rear defusers, and although I haven’t looked through any of your posts/builds yet, I’m hoping the rear bumper doesn’t need to be modified to accommodate the defuser. 

I’ve been told the remap will take the car to 310bhp, with no quote on the new torque figures, so as soon as it’s been done I’ll be getting the car on a dyno to see what power it’s producing. But whatever the result I’ll be looking at getting some wider wheels with some good rubber wrapped around them (any recommendations on wheels please send them across!).


thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing your cars and hopefully getting some inspiration for mine! 


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