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XK8 / XKR Suspension


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Seasons greetings to the forum. New member here looking to get back into a Jag. Budget is £15k and fancy the 2006/5 XK8 or possibly an XKR. (X100) Not driven one of these yet but when this virus malarkey is over I will get out there and start driving a few. The most important thing for me is a smooth, quiet comfortable ride with no harshness, even at low speeds. A couple of questions for members if I may. Is the suspension on the XK8 the same as the XKR or is the R stiffer ? And, is the coupe notably quieter inside than the convertible ?

Thanks. B.

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Hello - I am driving my second XK8 2005 convertible (this one is a Carbon fiber edition) and I have to say both cars are really well made, very smooth and quiet riding.  Surprisingly quiet at higher speeds even wih the convertible top.

I cannot speak to the ride in a coupe but I imagine it would be somewhat quieter, but the convertible is quieter than you would expect - drive one and you will see.

Not sure about the stiffness vs an R version - probabaly very similar - have not heard much about any difference here.

Beautiful, well built and quiet touring cars for sure.




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