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Central locking problem

Kamo 444

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Hi all ive searched through forum but cant find an answer. My jags been sitting for a while and battery was flat Ive fully charged car battery and its starting and running fine,central locking is not working ive changed the batteries twice followed the set up for pairing with the headlights various different ways door open headlights on key no1 position lights released then flash 4 5 times no joy, tried the same with the door closed still no joy 

Is there any other method or am I doing something wrong, I only have one key 

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Hi Camo

Had similar problems with my last 2  X350s. The first one I wasn't flashing the lights fast enough and as you say some work with door open and others with it closed, I wasn't getting the bleep after the final flash, but kept trying and eventually it worked. I believe a hard reset sometimes helps but it didn't work for me.  On my present car nothing would persuade it to work and I had to buy a new/ used door module and get it reprogrammed. The module cost about £50 off Ebay then another £30 to get it programmed or there's a company in Kent who will test and repair your own and give a 5 year guarantee for £200. The modules are very specific and you have to get the number off the original one but hopefully it won't come to that.

Good Luck


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