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Rob T.

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Hi Everyone,

I joined today as i guessed i'd get more sense and knowledge from those who own a Jaguar compared to the frustration of chasing down answers from the dealer Technicians & Specialists themselves.

Here's the deal. I've had my 2009 (Mar 09) V6 S 3.0L D Portfolio for a number of years now. For the last 5 (yes 5) years i cannot rectify the TPMS issues. The sensors have been replaced (twice). The module has been interrogated several times via OBD by Jaguar & local specialists but to no avail. My research on net shows i am far from alone. Although plenty of fixes out there, none of them work. My latest solution from my local specialist (via his hotline from Jaguar), was to increase and maintain a higher PSI (39) than the normal (34). This indeed stopped the alarm indication for a few weeks but it is now back. I'm glad because if i was supposed to run my tyres at 39 PSI, the door plate & manual would have told me!

I am now trying to identify the control module i need for my X250 202Kw VIN ***R47330. Again Jaguar are helpless in supplying this detail. I have located part number C2D49117 on-line. However one site (in the US) says this will not fit my car. Can any owner a) assist with the correct part number and/or b) tell me wether it is a plug & play unit.

Thank you in anticipation and for your patience in reading to this point.

Regards, Rob T.

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