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Key Fob trouble


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Good morning everyone,

 I recently purchased a beautiful 2005 S type. It runs and drives wonderfully but the keys that came with it are problematic. Both keys work in the ignition and the trunk (boot). Neither work when inserted in the door. I'm not sure if they insert fully of not but they definitely do not turn or open the door. Cleaning and lubricating the insertion hole have not helped. Any suggestions or solutions?


 More concerning, neither fobs have buttons that work flawlessly. I have to press the buttons very hard, they only function within a foot or two of the car, and sometimes don't work at all. The door unlock function is worst. I took them apart and cleaned the buttons but it only helped slightly. They do seem to be quite worn, especially one fob. Any suggestions? Do I just need to buy new? Used? Do I have to get them reprogrammed at the dealer or do some offer it privately?

  I'd like to get these fixed before the day comes that neither work. 🙂  

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