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Possibly water damaged Jag XF (x250) 2.2D, Which modules?


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Hi Folks,


I’m looking for advice on which modules on an XF (x250) are addressed to the car and which are just plug and play?  any help would be greatly received.


The longer story goes as:  I have picked up a beautiful 2015 RED Black pack XF R-sport (UK RHD) that was bound for breaking due to what was described as “Water Damage” and left in a driveway for a year at an auction, but it’s far too nice to break up and I want to make it my daily driver, crazy I know but keep me busy during lockdown.

 Looking at the car there is no sign of dirty water inside at any point, just small hints of mould in the passenger’s side footwell (I’m suspecting/hope it’s the pollen filter location leaks I have seen on a few threads)


The car was delivered a few days ago and the main battery was completely shot and so I have replaced both main and secondary batteries. On first pushing the start button the touchscreen and the Cluster start up but the radio/CD/audio is not available, nav shows available but does not start when selected, the heated seats are the same. The climate control seems to work and vents turn etc as well as All windows and seat movements, lights & indicators etc work ok.     

But the major issue is that when I got to start it everything just crashes and goes black, I press the start button to switch the car off, wait 30 seconds and we are back to square one.

I have an Autel AP200 Code Reader and on first run it came up with a crazy list of 77DTC codes, but most of which showed as historic or intermittent, after saving the original list I cleared the system and only 3 Codes are remaining as permanent (although sure that would change if the car was to start & drive) , 2 of those are number plate lamps so quite sure they are not going to be hard to take care of, but the other is the "MOST ring complete, No /communication" so am I right in thinking this is the connection in the infotainment and BCM?


I’m about to strip out the interior to get access to the modules and hit scrap yards to collect replacement modules that are plug and play and send off the main ECU and addressed modules for checking/repair, but any tips or advice anyone has would be appreciated.


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