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electronic park brake not working


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Hi guys i have a jaguar xf 2011 2.2d. park brake fault used to pop up on a cold morning but it used to go away immediately but then it decided to just stay there and then later on one day all of the faults came up but epb was working perfectly fine
Emergency park assist unavailable 
Park brake fault
DSC fault 

stop/start fault when i press eco stop/start button
i thought it was battery so took it to local garage and got it checked it was giving perfect voltage but still i charged both batteries and then a new error came up

Cannot apply park brake
i tried all of the steps to recalibrate by pressing brake 5 times and then epb but it never works.
took it local garage again, checked with OBD reader and there were various codes he asked me to get brake light switch to get changed which i did but still no luck
any ideas please

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Hi I had the same problem on my 2.7 xf 2008 it turn out to be the handbrake switch, which I had to change the whole lot (see pic) not just the switch it self wasn’t cheap think it was about £750 fitted, hope this helps


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Hi, did you get anywhere with this?

Your faults are indicating the EPB system cannot see the vehicle speed, it will not calibrate if the speed data is missing. Going by your other faults in DSC it sounds lke the fault will be there.

OBD wont help you'll need a better tool.


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