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Retro fitting S Type heated seats — looking for recomendations

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I have a 2006 S-Type that I bought just before the first lockdown. I'm happy with most of it apart from missing the heated seats I had on my previous car. I know they were an option on the car, but the original owner didn't fit them.

I have bought the switches and the controller modules on ebay. it seems that they need wired up and (probably non-jag) heating mats fitted. I can just take them to someone who does heated seats, but they all seem to want to put holes in my seats and fit a non-jag switch on the seat itself. The only bit I really want them to use is the proper switch, the rest of it, no-one's going to see, if it works it's fine, but I want it to look right.

Can anyone recommend a garage or dealer that can do the work for me? anywhere in the UK or Ireland is fine. I'll probably travel and stay over while I have someone do the work, which means I have to wait for this lockdown to be over.

Any recommendations welcomed.

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