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In Control app fault


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Hi everyone,

My car is a 2015 XFS.

My In Control app stopped working on the 31st January (subscription is valid till Feb 2021). It no longer logs journeys and says my car is still parked at the location I was when it stopped working. For a while I could contact the car and start it via the app but I got no feedback from the car saying it was running. The beep and flash also worked. A couple of days ago the app indicated that the car was in sleep mode and couldn't be contacted. Starting the car should have fixed this but it doesn't. I have done all of the usual stuff......logged out and in, uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing works. Have contacted Jag In Control who have got back to me and say the car needs a software update and I need to book it into a dealer (expensive!!)

I think the back up battery for the app could need replacing but I can't find where it is located in the car, Does anyone know or does anyone have any ideas how this fault might be fixed?



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