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Stolen car in Idaho

Chad Ruwe

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 Guys, I'm sorry for posting without a proper introduction.   My name is Chad and I live in Boise, ID.  Technically, in S Nampa.   My father had his '64 XKE stolen yesterday sometime between 3 and 5pm.    The car was less than 75' away from him at the time.   He was napping and heard a "thump or a crash" type noise.   That woke him and the dogs up for a minute but he didn't put any thought to it as there is some light construction going on across the street.   An hour later he went outside to find the car was gone.   We believe it was taken by a tow truck but not on a roll bed.   The reason I'm detailing all of this is due the somewhat odd circumstances.   When I got there, I found a large external gash in one of the garage door panels.   This gash is about 36" from ground level.  I'm guessing something on the truck nicked it as they were trying to hurry.  We can see where the car was drug sideways on one tire to avoid a small shed but there are no marks made by a roll deck.   The VIN # is J64889107 and it is Old English White with tan interior with wire spoke wheels.   The car has an area where the paint/bondo/rust section was peeling off.   Maybe 6" diameter or so----- I don't remember where on the car.   The only other identifying "mark" I can think of is that it had an aftermarket fuel pump installed 30 years ago.   
Please contact me if you run across anything that may be associated with this @
Thx guys------------

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