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Looking at a new X-Type - advice please


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I took a car at a dealers for a test drive which had everything i was looking

The test drive went fine so i paid for the car and went to drive off.

I engaged drive and the car wouldnt move forward so i was literally stuck at the lights outside the garage! It would just rev away even if i tried the semi auto controls.

I tried reverse and reverse worked fine.

I called the garage owner out and he managed to get it to engage drive by slamming it quite firmly in drive but admitted there was a problem straight away and gave me a refund.

I was gutted because the car was everything i was looking for and low mileage at 95k.

Fast forward to today and the garage has just rang me up and said they have done an oil change and service and this has fixed the issue.

My gut instinct is that the gearbox problem is much bigger than an oil change and even if that has fixed the problem it will just come up again in the future and it may have to be replaced with a costly bill.

Has anyone had a similar problem with the Xtype petrol estates and will an oil change really fix this type of problem? Its a 2007 estate petrol with the semi auto gear.

Im in 2 minds as to whether i should go back as they did make me wait ages for it to be MOT'd and washed after i paid a deposit.


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