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Hi everyone. 

Looking for advice. I am looking to buy a 2006 to 2009 xj but not sure which model. It will be a long distance only car around 6000 miles per year. Advice on either 2.7 diesel or 3.0 petrol and what to look out for please. 

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Hi Johnshoo

After many years of diesels I decided to go petrol about 7 years ago with a 3 litre X350, I'm on my second one now and touch wood have found the engines to be pretty bulletproof with MPG at  mid 30s on a run and just under the 30 knocking about. I'm hooked on the cars now but for me it will always be petrol as I hear horror stories of modern diesels and would worry about blocked DPFs, timing belt changes and inaccessible glow plugs. I do about 6K miles pa, change oil and filters every year and changed gearbox oil / filter and diff oil on both cars. Haven't changed spark plugs yet but that could be a lockdown project for the Summer.  I always think I could buy a lot of petrol for the cost of a turbo replacement or a cambelt change but hopefully someone will be along with some pro diesel facts for you to ponder.

My cars have been 2004 and 2006 respectively, most electrical problems have been battery related apart from a duff door module ( both cars) and I've never had a problem with air suspension although I could live to regret tempting fate.

Happy hunting.


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