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Historic armour plated XJ8


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Hello  everyone. I have been very lucky enough to buy a 2002 XJ8 in British Racing Green, which is one of the bomb proof cars used by the Tony Blair government as one of the official ministerial cars. The reg is FB 02 LCX. The chassis number is SAJAC22M02LF44026. It is one of only 7  XJ8's that were converted by Jankel  under contract number LV/MIL/53, dated 16/02/2001.

It is item number 1 of 7. Asset code NB1126-4104. NSN 2310-99-908-6103. I have no idea what asset code or NSN mean. These are the numbers from the Jankel chassis plate.

It is a truly wonderful piece of brilliant British engineering and is full of amazing stuff !!! I would love to find out some more of the history of this car. If anyone has any information on this car, or has an idea of where I can find information, I would be very grateful for any help.

Yours sincerely 


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Hi Peter and welcome to the club.

What a fascinating find. I wonder if Tony and Gordon ever had a scrap in the back. Sorry I can't help with details but hopefully you'll keep us updated with your progress. If you know the original number you might see it in old footage of Downing St. I guess there'll be armour plate etc all over it, if you get in a bump with a Fiat 500 I wonder who'll come off best.



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