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Gearbox replacement issues


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Hi everyone!

I had some issues with my Jaguar (XF 3.0 2012) and apparently it was the gearbox.

I ordered a replacement one (used) and it looks like the mechanics are not able to program it and suggested to get a new one.

As the car has been with them for more than 2 weeks now (I had to chase continuously and at the end it took 1 week for the diagnosis and 1 week to fit the gearbox...), and only today after I had a sort of argument on the phone they called me back to say they are not able to program it and I'll need to get a new one.

I am not saying I am not trusting them (recently moved in the area so no direct experience with them), but would like to hear if that could really be an issue, or they don’t have the right tools to program it.

I believe keeping the car from their side for more than 2 weeks is ridiculous, so would love to hear some other thoughts/suggestions as between gearbox, mechanic and car hire I am spending a lot of money here, and it is not really a great time for this..

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