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I am looking at a 1997 Jaguar XJ6L (X300) with 181,000 miles on the clock.

Captain O

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This  70-year-old retired gentleman is selling a LWB model that is accompanied by a long list of maintenance receipts (he says that he has all of them). A new respray, with a "glass top" finish (as a protective coat). The man says that he's kept it as flawless as possible. He's asking $5775.00 USD (4174.8 GBP). He's used nothing but synthetic oil and has pampered and maintained this unit as well as anyone could expect.

I am going to look at this machine tomorrow (April 3rd).

Comments? Suggestions?


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Well, I bit! I put $1000.00 (USD) down on the 1997 Jaguar XJ6L (X330) motorcar! I will be paying a total of $5,500 USD (3476.64 GBP) for the vehicle. From what I could see, this example will be more than worth it. This unit has had a beautiful Champagne Silver respray with that extremely hard baked-on "Glass Top" top coat that will protect this $4000 (USD) coating. (This was done right, I could tell by looking at it). There were only 203 of these made, and I will have one of them.




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I now have the car and am loving it! "Grace, space, and pace" this X330 has it all...in spades! It is a real "head turner" wherever it goes and people seem to appreciate its presence. How many of today's "jelly bean" style cars can say that?

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