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XE Adblu issues..... And more!

iain williams

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Afternoon everyone(it is here),

I am currently on my third XE(glutton for punishment i know), it's a 2018 Diesel 240 AWD. Along with the, hopefully now solved, Adblu problems i now have a new one to solve if anyone has a clue please. Engine management light appears during "normal operation", no performance issues with the car that i can see when this happens. car is nice and warm and it has been on a journey of at least 50 miles. Get home pull out the autel and i get P26DB-00 engine sound control "A" Circuit/open, P26DC-00 Engine Sound Control "A" Circuit Low, P20EE-04 Check to see if device is supported and P20EE-92 Check to see if device is supported. This has happened 4 times since purchasing the car and twice its been into the garage and had "updates". It has also had the obligatary Adblu level/dosing/countdown of death problems, and, due to the last update, its solved(for now). BUT, this other annoying fault is not going away. If anyone has a clue pointing me in the right direction i would be extemely grateful, otherwise, its off to TOPIX i trot.

Many Thanks and happy(ah yes.. its a JAAAAAG and as such may require a mopped brow and lots of tea) motoring..

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