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2001 xkr 4.0 supercharged gearbox fault message

Paul Ford

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Hi All

Newbie Jag Owner here, after many years hankering after one of these beasts, one came and found me. It hadn’t been mot’d for 5 year and had only been started and stopped etc. Probably a bad thing on hindsight, but I got her home and had a couple of abs issues and a rear wheel bearing adjustment and with new tyres off I went to a pre-booked  Mot, which she flew through.

But on the way back a message came up gearbox fault so I pulled over even though there seemed nothing wrong, turned her off left it a few minutes and with fingers crossed started her back up but error code still in place but now she seemed to stay in second gear and would not change at all, she has manual s mode but the digits would go up on the dash but no gear change. 

I have tried the battery full charged over night, had all the abs sensors checked all fine. Hard reset her. But none of those seem to make a difference.

I have codes p1100 mass air flow intermittent,  p1300 boost calibration fault come up and I can clear all these and the gearbox fault light, but she won’t change gear, she will takeoff in this gear so no limp mode. 
Am I being bamboozled by these code as my mechanic friend has checked the maf and what ever else he needed to check re boost calibration and he can’t find a problem with these.

anyone else had this situation and got a resolution...


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