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X-type alarm nuisance

marco du bow

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Bought my white 2.5L manual new in 2002 and really enjoy driving and looking at my lovely car that I have driven just 85k miles. -This is in spite of dealing with a few common issues like rear brake groaning, replacing sills & addressing bulkhead corrosion, rodents chewing wires in engine bay🐀.

I was liking my car a little less a week ago when the horn began sounding off randomly at night and during the day.

A life and neighbour saver discovered on the forum "X-Type alarm keeps going off" (Mar'16-Apr'20) enabled me to check 1st for any doors not closing and then to pull out wires* from the RH footwell-located General Electronic Module GEM, then join them together to give us all undisturbed nights and days. -Hurrah !!🙂

Down side is no horn, at least until I found it when signalling a right turn by operating the trafficator that no longer flashes offside !  Grrh

Hope someone might know how come I pulled and joined the wrong wires (*horn relay black IP5 AND horn SW switch black/green IP6)😟


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