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Advice please on Error Codes prior to purchase

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Hello from a first time poster.

We have our eye on a 2008 XKR convertible and have had the car inspected by a local Jaguar dealer who carried out a pre warranty inspection on the car for us so we could get the best health check before committing to buy it.

I did quite a bit of research on the X150 XKRs before going to see it so was aware of the damp passenger footwell problems and noisy VTT. Both were fine on this car.

Overall the car has clearly been well looked after. It has done under 30K miles and pretty much a full dealer service history. Visual inspection picked up the odd little mark on the paint but other than that it's in VGC. Test drive was dammed near perfect, smooth as a silk and no noises to be concerned about.

It does need a new condenser but that's been factored into the price which I think is a good price compared to others on the market.

What I need help on is the error codes that the inspection showed up. I know the car has had a flat battery a few times as it only does about 1,000 miles per year with the current owner. Are the codes massive red flags or is this pretty normal for a car of this age. I understand that cars generate fault codes all the time, especially when the battery goes flat.

The car pretty much sailed through the inspection otherwise which is not bad bearing in mind it's 13 year old.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated before we confirm the purchase.

Many thanks




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