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Camshaft error or sensor?


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I got a Jaguar XE recently and I just hooked it up to an obd2 computer and did a full scan, it shown me 3 errors for the engine and I’m not sure what they mean and I didn’t expect them as the check engine light does not come on which I read that it should for the cam shaft errors,

the errors are

P167F-00 which I think means the engine was ECU tuned

P0016-00 and P0017-00 

these errors confuse me and I’m not sure what they could mean or what to do, the engine runs smoothly and doesn’t fail on start up and doesn’t feel like there is any loss of power, don’t know if they done an engine tune would they change the positions of crank shaft and cam shaft?:/

if anyone knows the reason and wether I should worry or fix this or how to fix this let me know please

Kind Regards


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