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What components create the EGR system in 2.2D '06 X-Type? How is BARO measured in this model?


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I have an issue with the EGR system in my 2.2D 2006 plate X-Type. Short description of what happened: Driving along the main road, approached a junction, make a turn to my village, the engine suddenly lost power and went to a limp mode (flashing coil light). I barely made it home. Lots of smoke behind.
After some time in stationary the engine would struggle to start and run. Lots of smoke coming from the exhaust.

Fault finding:
1. Disconnected MAF - all back to normal. Engine runs as it should.
2. Disconnected/blanked off EGR - engine works normally.
3. Replaced EGR (electric actuator type, no pressure feedback from the exhaust) - no much improvement. The EGR is opening and closing on idle in regular intervals chocking the engine and again, lots of smoke behind. The idle improves a little bit when the engine warms up. The car is drive-able, but a bit jerky and under powered.
4. Replaced MAF - getting about 18 g/s when the engine is idling and the EGR is obviously disconnected. When the EGR is plugged back in, the reading is erratic as expected.
5. Replaced TMAP, only because I thought it measures the BARO too. The BARO reading doesn't seem right. I get BARO between 140 to 150 kpa when in idle or stationary while MAP reading is 104-114 kpa. This should be equal. I cannot find the barometer sensor in my car. How is the BARO measured in my X-Type?
6. TP % position is right. No issue with an accelerator position.
7. Coolant temperature is right. I am getting an ambient after a night. The inlet manifold air temperature is close to an ambient too when the engine is not running.

I don't get any fault codes except the EGR related errors when the valve is blanked off or disconnected.

Any idea what else should I check before taking it to the garage?

Readings from my ODB2:
LOAD_PCT% 29.4
ETC(C) 69
RPM 810
FLI% 19.6
CLR_DIST(km) 16
MAP(kPa) 103
BARO (kPa) 143
VPWR(V) 46.080
AAT(C) 20
IAT(C) 26
MAF (g/s) 18.05
TP(%) 0
FRP (kPa) 25600.0

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