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X type from Oxfordshire with a cold morning limp mode problem - Please help!


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Hello All, 

New Member here with a 2008 2.0d X type. Enjoying the car.. not so much the problems with it. Mine is a SE with sunroof. Don't see many of those around

Had it for a year now and covered around 18k in it since I've had it from 79k. 

In that time I have replaced the clutch and flywheel, actuator and blanked the EGR but i have now joined this forum out of desperation. 

I have an intermittent problem since the winter. Grab a coffee and hopefully someone can help. I have to date not come across any one else who has this same problem as me. 


So as the story goes...... I drive 70 miles a day from my home in Banbury to Northampton each day. When it is cold in the mornings at 7:30am (current mornings would be classed as cold for my Jag) the car will go into limp mode (without any lights on the dash).

The car will barely go over 3k and the turbo will not kick in. This can be for around 5 miles. During colder months such as January this can sometimes be around 15 miles. Some times and only sometimes the power will kick back in... in a way that can only be described as maybe a connector being loose and the contacts touching each other again. But most of the times by the time the car is warm a switch off and on whilst rolling on the dual carriage way will reset it. This leads me to think that the problem is not mechanical but because a off and on sometimes resets it leads me to think its some sensor that is telling the car to restrict itself and a off and on resets it. 

I have tried checking the turbo vanes and the actuator arm moves freely. I have also replaced the actuator and it has had no effect on the way the car is. I have a OBD reader and no faults appear. 

During the hot summer months i have not had this problem but in the last 3 weeks as the mornings get colder the problem has re-appeared. When it first started happening last Nov the problem would only be for a few miles but it got worst but then got better as the weather warmed so i feel like the outside temp plays a part. 


Car has been serviced regularly and most recently had new fuel filter. 


Next on my list is to replace the MAF sensor. 


Any ideas on what the issue could be?

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