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Help with DPF


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Hello, im hoping someone can help or advise.  

We bought an approved used E-Pace (2019) in July 2022.  It came with a years warranty.  A week ago it went into limp mode and the amber engine light came on.  We called jaguary recovery and they came out (the light had gone by then) and said it was something to do with the filter and I should take it back to the dealer.  We did that yesterday (the whole way through around 30 miles) the light wasnt on and performance was fine.  

I get a video today from them showing the list of faults on the print out and the main one is that we need a whole new DFP assembly and then they can check the other faults after that.  They have said we have to pay £1710 and they wont cover it under their warranty.  We are devastated to say the least.  Thats a lot of money for a car we have had for 5 months and I am so upset today.  I said to them its only been 5 months and they said tough basically.

Do you think I should take it back to a local garage for another opinion or are we stuck with the massive bill??

There was no warnings before the limp mode.  I have read online there should be a warning the filter needs cleaned?  

Its really worried me there was a whole list of faults on the print out also. 

If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

Thanks for reading,


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