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tracker installed as part of insurance


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hi guys,some people may remember i posted on facebook a while back about cost of insurance,well eventually i found a company called coverbox(pay as you drive),now i know this has nothing to do with electronics,however you get a high end cobra tracker installed as part of the deal.this obviousley tracks your miles as well as giving you the added security of(hopefully)finding your vehicle if the worst happened.now i only do about 3000 miles per year in my x type sport and that costs me £380(tracker an instalation included).now the crafty bit is that out of them 3000 miles im only permitted 200 on peak miles(between 7am-9:30am and 16:30-18:00).coverbox can adjust the price acordinley,but this allso means they can drop the price if you do less,its worth checking if you dont do many miles and want the added bonus of tracker.

mods,wasnt sure where to post this,but i decided here because of the security aspect of the cobra tracker :)

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