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xj6 fuel conversions


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hi all im steve

im interested in seeing how many of us are running our cars on gas like i do

id like to find out whats the bigest size fuel tank you can fit in my x300.

mine holds 45 liters which i think this is too small as it only lasts 120 miles

ok for town no good for long runs.any advice would behelpfull


steve (nessieness)

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I have a X308 V8 on gas with a small tank, and because of the way the system works my tank can only hold about 30 Litres giving me a range of about 110 miles. (probably the same size as yours I would imagine) In my case though my nearest filling station is only 2 miles from home and I don't go on long journeys these days so its not really an issue. I suppose I would like a bigger tank but for the moment I can't justify the cost in changing.

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