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Apologies, another request for buying advice!


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Hi All,

Just signed upto this so forgive any ignorance.

I'm planning on buying an XKR Convertible in the next couple of months around 2002-2003 model and just need some advice as to what to watch out for. There seem to be hundreds out there to buy but also a few horror stories! I'm looking at spending approx £15k. I've seen some posts on forums about rust, leaky roofs etc but just need some clarification on what to look out for when buying. Do I buy privately or from a jag dealer and spend the extra money etc?

The mileage of such a car will be in the 55-75,000 mark and as such is there any major work to be done around then i.e tensioners etc or things to look out for that should have been done.

Any help very much appreciated


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