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Jaguar x type 2.0d 2004


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Ok.where do I start

This is my first posting on my first forum....so bare with me,

My 2004 2.0d x type first started to play up on a morning, sounded like fuel leaking back to the tank overnight,once started it would splutter and cough for about 5 seconds then clear and it would be ok all day until the following day,when it would do the same again.so I put injector cleaner in the tank,changed the fuel filter and filled up the tank with derv.the morning went to start it and it was no different..

Once it had cleared I got on the motorway to go to work and all was fine for 4 miles then it cut out,it started up straight away and away it went again for 30 miles.

Next morning it wouldn't start at all so the rac came out and cleared the fault codes--- injector metering device..it started went for a mile then cut out and wouldn't start again so the arc towed it to elite cars( jag specialist in Manchester) where it started straight away,so I left it there overnight to let them hear the morning splutter..guess what..next morning,nothing it started up sweet as anything.so I went to fetch it,drove for 60 miles all well and good,parked it up,went out next morning....nothing,turns over but not starting.

Out come the arc cracked an injector,found out there was no fuel coming through and had injector metering fault code again.

So off it went to elite cars again

Elite cars plugged it in and found the injector pump to be at fault so £1150 later a new one is fitted and the car started first turn of the key....but then they call me and say the tick over is really erratic and the injectors need checking..

I can't believe or get it into my head how the injectors and the pump can fail at the same time.is it me or has anyone else had this problem

Thanks Craig

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