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Cruise Not Available - Limp Mode


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Around two months ago I had a couple of issues with my 2002 3.0 V6 Auto X-type with 87,000 miles on the clock.

Whilst driving on some villages in the country side I noticed that the amber warning light was on and a message saying “Cruise not Available” Although the cruise control was still working! I managed to complete my journey and next day on my way to work I noticed that the car was into limp mode. (the engine is limited to 3,000 RPM)

I took it to a non-Jaguar garage. They thought it was a sensor getting funny, so they said that they had given it a good clean and reset the computer. I took the Jag out and 5 minutes later the amber light came back and it was again in limp mode. I did some googling and found a somewhere that it could be the breather hose that is under the plastic engine-cover that tends to split, effectively it was it! The garage guy put some tape around the cracks and since then has been fine (not best technical solution, I know as it is very cheap and one can change it easily) I’ll do it later on.

I felt compelled to write this review, as it was the info on the internet what finally helped me to sort this.

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