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Having problems with my key fob


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my key fob has suddenly stopped working - it opens the car and functions like normal, i've been on the internet and looked up how to change the battery and reprogramming the key to the car but to no luck! it's now got a brand new CA2032 battery but when i go through the reprogramming procedures it don't chirp back at me or anything? (got in car put car on first click then pulled the main beam and 3-4 times and apparently it's supposed to chirp - i got nothing! any help would be apprechiated! thanks

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I just wonder if you put the battery in the right way round, it's a flat battery and you can put it in the wrong way round if you're not very careful.

Try taking the whole thing out, press the button on the key, then try putting the battery back in and proceeding from that point

do let us know how you get on


Alastair :)

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